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Going-Beyond-women-Smaller-compThe world around us has changed so rapidly, we can’t imagine a person in the world not experiencing the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. Simple things, like going to your local café for your morning coffee seems foreign. Suddenly, catching up with friends and going down to the local pub are illegal. With things settling down now, we are dedicated to thinking about our future. 

Here at Beyond travel we are feeling the effects of this outbreak immensely. However, we believe it is important now more than ever to remember those around us in need. Social distancing has changed the way we live and interact, and we feel it is crucial to remember those less fortunate than ourselves. We are dedicated to creating positive change amidst this global crisis.

There is nothing more rewarding than selflessness for the sake of others.

We strongly believe in empowering women internationally, which is why your booking has allowed us to donate $25 to a woman in need. This donation is at our own expense and nothing has been added to your booking, we just wanted to let you know about the positive impact your travel plans are allowing! Our focus during this time is on more than survival, but rather on overcoming these hardships, better and stronger, together.

I had the pleasure of meeting Julie recently, the manager of a women’s refuge located South of Sydney. She explained to me the range of incredible services they provide to women predominantly experiencing homelessness or escaping domestic violence. Many of these women have been through many hard times, and the refuges and transitional housing provide each resident with an individual case file, with a proactive plan to empower women to take control of their lives. These services include things like mental health, financial and legal support. Supporting women transitioning into new homes is the end goal of these services, providing continuous support to do everything possible, to ensure they stay in their new homes.

I asked Julie what it was the women needed most, because I couldn’t begin to imagine what small things may make a difference in these women’s lives. Julie replied, “imagine fleeing your home – most of the women have nothing but the clothes on their back”. Because of this, we decided that Kmart vouchers could help change a life. This will allow the purchase of necessities, such as linen or kitchen cutlery and crockery – the things you and I may take for granted in our day to day lives.

Beyond travel are taking part in an exciting new journey, to create positive change in as many individual lives as we can. Be part of the change. If you wish to learn more or contribute further to our work, don’t hesitate to contact us. Take care and safe travels :)


Beyond Travel.